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All candidates applying for contractor level registration must pass a Business Procedures Examination. This examines a candidate’s knowledge of taxes, insurance and bond laws, management skills, lien laws, safety regulations, employment laws, and general accounting.

UNLIMITED PAINTING Specialty building contractor shall include and be limited to the cleaning, caulking, and sizing of surfaces, including roofs, in preparation for the application of paint and related liquid or viscous products by brush, roller, or spray methods in such a manner that, under an agreed specification, satisfactory painting can be accomplished. A "PU" specialty building contractor is qualified to clean, sandblast, caulk, and prime surfaces in preparation for, and to apply, waterproofing products by brush, roller, or spray method in such a manner that, under agreed specifications, satisfactory waterproofing can be accomplished either inside or outside (vertical surfaces only). A "PU" specialty building contractor is also qualified to clean surfaces in preparation of waterproofing or painting (engraving, cutting, or cleaning glass or stone or removing scale for metals). The scope of work may include pressure spraying to clean exterior surfaces of homes or buildings.

Number of Questions 80

Time allowed (hours) 3


Subject Area # Quest.

Safety 6

Substrates & Preparation 15

Materials 17

Application 18

Job Planning & Estimating 8

Paint Failures & Remedies 6

Equipment 10



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Time Management Video

Key Words Video
Tricks & Shortcuts Video
Practice Exam Video


Lesson 2 - Highlighting and Tabbing Your Books

This section will explain to you how to highlight and tab your books. This is the most important part of the whole process. the most important question that I have for you is this. Now that you have found this answer within the book on my practice test, how are you going to be able to get back to this page on test day within 30 seconds? Do I need to study the table of contents better? Do I need to find the index faster? Add an additional tab? Please do not add a tab for EVERY highlight. That is a waste of your time. You will need to spend the majority of the time taking the practice tests. This is the objective on test day, find 70% (and for some exams up to 76%) of the correct answers in the reference books within the allotted time.

Highlights and Tabs

Tabs and Highlights

Painting Level One

Painting Level Two

Painting Level Three

Painting Level Four

Lesson 3 - Practice Tests

It is highly recommended that you should prepare for the exam by taking each practice exam three times each. You will know when you are ready to schedule your test with the testing agency when you score 80% on every practice exam.

Exam Practice Questions

Painting Level One Q&A

Painting Level Two Q&A

Painting Level Three Q&A

Painting Level Four Q&A


General Math

  1. Basic Math Worksheet
  2. General Math Study Guide and Practice Questions


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