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PROV Journeyman Plumber Florida Course
PROV Journeyman Plumber Florida Course

PROV Journeyman Plumber Florida Course

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Is paying $200.00 worth it to you if you can guarantee that do not have to take the exam a second or third time?  

PROV JOURNEYMAN PLUMBER Florida Online Home Study Course

Our Prov Journeyman Air Conditioning  Exam Prep Course is designed by contractors, for contractors. We provide the most effective training available you to help you pass any Florida Contractor  Exam. 

PROV JOURNEYMAN PLUMBER Online Home Study Course includes:  
  • How to take this course video
  • How to register for the exam(s)
  • The 6 segments of test-taking techniques  
  • List of required reference books for your exam and when they update
  • Highlight & tab locations for the required reference books
  • Practice Exams by book to allow you to focus on what you don't know
  • 3 Final Exams
  • 1-year access to online course (discounts on extensions)
  • Access to an instructor via Phone call, Text message, Zoom, or email.

Over the years, We have created the proven process of passing any open book contractor exam. With the Blended Format, we mix online basic instruction with face-to-face instruction to obtain the perfect mix for EVERY type of student who is attempting to obtain a contractor's license. The ability to be able to get an instructor on the phone when you need them is the huge advantage to ensure that you give yourself the best chance of passing the exam the first time. 

Android and iOS Compatible - Complete the course on your phone, anytime or anywhere. 


▪ Code of Federal Regulations

 ▪ Florida Building Code 2017 - Mechanical, 2017

▪ Florida Building Code 2017 - Plumbing, 2017

▪ Pipefitting Level Three, 2007

▪ Pipefitting Level Two, 2006. 

▪ Process Control Theory, 2003.

▪ Troubleshooting and Repairing Pumps, 2008. 


JOURNEYMAN PLUMBER A Journeyman Plumber may only work in the employ of a Plumbing Contractor holding a certificate of competency to install, maintain, repair, alter or extend plumbing, septic tanks, drainage and supply wells, swimming pool and piping or solar heating systems and all appurtenances, apparatus or equipment used in connection therewith, including boilers and pressure and process piping and including the installation of water, gas, storm and sanitary sewer lines, and for the mechanical installation of gas, water and sewage plants and substations. The scope shall also include the installation, maintenance, repair, alteration or extension of air piping, vacuum line piping, oxygen line piping, nitrous oxide piping, fire line standpipes and fire sprinklers to the extent allowed by law, up to five (5) sprinkler heads out of potable water lines, ink and chemical lines, gasoline piping and tank and pump installation (excepting bulk storage plants) and pneumatic control piping systems. The scope of work does not include the installation of chilled water lines or related work incidental thereto.


Number of Questions 75 Time allowed (hours) 3

Subject Area # Quest.

Drain, Waste & Vent Systems 10

Fixtures & Fittings 5

General Knowledge 8

Isometrics & Plan Reading 9

Plumbing Math 5

Storm & Roof Drainage 8

Water Heaters 5

Water Supply and Distribution 9

Safety 7

Fuel Gas Systems 6

Hurricane zone items for Plumbing 3