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Florida Residential Contractor Book Rental and Exam Prep

Residential Contractor - Complete Exam Ready Package

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Residential Contractor - Complete Exam Ready Package

Highlighted & Tabbed Rental Books with Online Exam Prep

(Business and Finance, Contract Administration & Project Management) 

Our Florida Residential Contractor Complete Exam Ready Package is the absolute best value you can find to ensure you pass your exams. It includes highlighted and tabbed rental books for your Business and Finance, Contract Administration, and Project Management Exams, plus our online home study course. A $1,200 deposit is required and is included in the $2,289.99 package price. The deposit will be refunded in full when you return your rental books in acceptable condition within the 6 month rental period. 

Exam ready books come affixed with permanent quick reference tabs printed with chapter titles and/or other key sections to help you quickly and easily navigate through the book during your exam. Important areas will be highlighted so you will know what subjects are relevant while saving time preparing for your exam.

You will receive the following 19 books required for your exams pre-tabbed and highlighted:

  1. A201 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction - 2017 
  2. A401 Standard Form of Agreement between Contractor & Subcontractor - 2017 
  3. A701 Instructions to Bidders - 2018
  4. Builder's Guide to Accounting
  5. Florida Statues Chapter 455, 2019
  6. Florida Contractors Manual, 2017 
  7. Code of Federal Regulations, (OSHA) 29 Part 1926, (OSHA1926) July 2019
  8. Energy Efficient Building Construction in Florida, 9th Ed., 2017
  9. Building Component Safety Information: 2018
  10. Florida Building Code - Building, 2017
  11. Florida Building Code - Residential, 2017
  12. Florida Building Code – Existing Building, 2017
  13. Florida Building Code – Energy Conservation, 2017
  14. Florida Building Code - Accessibility, 2017

Our Business and Finance and Residential Contractor Online Home Study Courses are the most valuable part of this package. Our courses are designed by contractors, for contractors and provide the most effective training available. They are the key to passing your all your exams the first time.  

Both the Business and Finance and Residential Contractor Online Home Study Course include:  

  • How to take this course video
  • How to register for the exams
  • The 4 segments of test-taking techniques  
  • List of required reference books for your exam and when they update
  • Practice exams by book to allow you to focus on what you don't know
  • 3 Final exams
  • Short and specific videos about each particular topic 
  • 1-year access to online course (discounts on extensions)
  • Access to an instructor via phone call, text message, Whatsapp, FaceTime, or email.

Over the years, we have created the proven process of passing any open book contractor exam. With the blended format, we mix online basic instruction with face-to-face instruction to obtain the perfect mix for EVERY type of student who is attempting to obtain a contractor's license. The ability to be able to get an instructor on the phone when you need them is the huge advantage to ensure that you give yourself the best chance of passing the exam the first time. 

Android and iOS Compatible - Complete the course on your phone, anytime or anywhere.  


***All of the above is included in the package price of $2,289. Your $1,200 deposit will be refunded when you return your rental books within 6 months from your order date. If you do not return all of the books within 6 months in similar or comparable condition in which you received them, you will not receive the $1,200 refund.***  


The Business and Finance Exam (125 questions) is a requirement for all types of contractors to become licensed in the State of Florida. This exam must be taken in addition to your trade exams. The Residential Contractor Exam consists of 2 parts: Contract Administration (50 questions) and Project Management (50 questions). All applicants must score at least 70% in order to pass. The examination is open book.

DID YOU KNOW? Every time you fail the exam, you must pay the State of Florida $135 + $80 to Pearson Vue per exam.

Statistics for Residential Contractor Exams 2019: 

  • 58% Passed 
  • 42% Failed