Alarm Systems I

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    Alarm Systems I contractors in Florida can legally engage in construction contracts involving the following type of work:

    • Burglar Alarms
    • Fire Alarms
    • Any type of work involving articles 725, 760, 770, 800, and 810 of the National Electrical Code

    To obtain a Florida Alarm Systems I (EF), Alarm Systems II (EG), or Electrical Specialty (ES) Contractors’ State License, you must pass two open book, computer given exams: a 5 hour Technical/Safety Exam with 105 test questions and a 3 hour Business Exam with 55 test questions. These two exams are taken at different times and scored independently.

    12 products
    1 Hour Private 1on1 "Tutoring/Coaching"
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    Florida Unlimited Electrical Contractor Book Rental and Exam Prep
    Alarm Systems I Electrical Contractor Book Set
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    Alarm 1 Final Exam #1
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    Alarm I Final Exam #2
    Ultimate Alarm Systems I Contractor Package
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    Preprinted Tabs & Highlights Set for Florida Alarm Systems I Contractor Trade Book Package
    Alarm Systems I Certified Contractor Application Assistance
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