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Over the years, our specialty has been to help people to pass their Contractor exams and get their Licenses, especially the people who have failed their first exam and unsure they can pass. Our programs break down the process to the most basic levels to explain how the testing company is going to trick you, and how to successfully approach and pass the exam.

Meet Rob Estell - the owner

"My name is Rob Estell and I am a Licensed Contractor in Florida. I have been teaching contractor exam preparation, continuing education, and certification courses since 2003.
When I decided to get my first contractors license in 2000, I noticed that there were no schools to assist in helping me. I could not trust anyone to give me the advice to pass the exams. The process is a very simple one and has been kept behind closed doors and charged an extremely high price until now..."


"100% recommend it.
This was my first choice when studying for the Business and Finance exam to get my GC license. I studied for about 2 months. Once I was getting consistent 90%+ on the exams (timing myself) I took my exam and passed on the first try.
This course teaches you how to PASS THE EXAM, meaning you have to learn how to find the information they’re asking for very quickly. It worked and I’m very grateful I didn’t have to waste time."