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Interested In Becoming a Florida Building Contractor?

Florida Building contractors can legally engage in contracting involving the following type of work:

  • Single-dwelling or multiple-dwelling residential buildings not more than 3 stories in height

  • Construction of commercial buildings

  • Accessory use structures

  • Remodeling and repair of any type of building

  • Building contractors are prime contractors and therefore can contract for the following work outside their scope, as long as it is subcontracted to properly licensed specialty contractors

  • Electric - Mechanical - Sheet Metal - Air Conditioning - Plumbing - Roofing (except for wood shakes and fiberglass/wood shingle roofing when the Building contractor is the prime contractor) - Swimming Pool and Spa work (except for structural work).

  • When remodeling buildings higher than 3 stories, no structural members of the building can be modified.

License Requirements

  • Be 18 years of age.

  • Pass all parts of the exam(s) (within four years of the first attempt).

    If an applicant has a Bachelor's degree in building construction or a related field, as well as a 3.0 GPA or higher, the applicant is only required to take the business exam.

  • Pay the fee for the Application.

  • Complete the application form using the Online Services, or the Printable Application.

  • Be of good moral character.

  • Obtain worker's compensation and general liability coverage.

  • Demonstrate financial responsibility by submitting a Credit Report:

    • 660 FICO credit score or higher (applicant must submit a bond or irrevocable letter of credit if below 660 - FICO derived).

    • If FICO score is less than 660, the applicant must take a 14-hour financial responsibility course.

    • If applicable, provide proof of satisfaction of liens, judgments, and bankruptcy discharge.

  • Background check with Electronic Fingerprints.

  • Obtain public liability and property damage insurance.

    • Obtain workers' compensation or exemption from workers compensation insurance within 30 days of issuance of their license.

  • Satisfy one of the experience requirements set forth by the CILB:

    • A combination of Experience and Education

      • One year proved experience that applies to the category for which you are applying and a four-year construction-related degree from an accredited college (equivalent to 3 yrs. experience), or

      • No less than three years of credits from accredited college-level courses, and One year of experience as a foreman, or

      • Two years of credits from accredited college-level courses, one year experience as a foreman, and One year experience as a worker, or

      • One year of experience as a foreman, one year of credits from accredited college-level courses, and two years of experience as a worker, or

      • Four years of experience as a foreman or worker of which at least one year must have been as a foreman.

      • The board expects the applicant to have experience in the following areas of the General trade:

        • Masonry walls

        • Elevated slabs

        • Column erection

        • Foundation/Slabs greater than 20,000 sqft

        • Steel erection

        • Formwork for structural reinforced concrete

    • Upgrade an Existing Residential (must have held the license for a minimum of 3 years).

    • Military Service

      Note: As part of the application applicant must submit the Fee Waiver and Military Service Verification for licensure

      • One year of experience as a foreman applicable to the category for which you are applying, and three years of military service.

      • One year of experience as a worker or foreman applicable to the category for which you are applying, one year of experience as a foreman, and two years of military service.

      • Two years of experience as a worker or foreman applicable to the category for which you are applying, and one year of military service.

  • Pass the Building and Business & Finance exams.(sign up for the exams)

  • Submit the complete Building Contractor License application form to:

    Department of Business and Professional Regulation

    2601 Blair Stone Road

    Tallahassee, FL 32399-0783

You must pass 3, open book exams in order to become a Florida Building Contractor. The first two make up the trade portion and the third exam is for Business and Finance.

Contract Administration 4.5 Hours 50 scored questions
Project Management 4.5 Hours 50 scored questions
Business and Finance 6.5 Hours 120 questions

Florida General Contractor License Exam

Florida Building Contractor Business and Finance Exam

  • Testing Method: Computer-based testing

  • Testing Company: Pearson Vue©

  • Number of Questions: 120

  • Types of Questions: Multiple Choice

  • Time Allowed: 390 Minutes

  • Minimum Passing Score: 70%

Business and Finance Content and Subjects for the exam(120 questions I 390 minutes)

We have all the books required for the Florida Building Contractor exam in stock and ready to ship. We beat all other schools with our prices, speak to one of our Trade Specialists today! Call 954-908-7010 or Fill out our EZ Form To Get Started

List of Books for the Building Contractor Trade Exams

The trade exams for Building Contracting are Contract Administration and Project Management. The exact same list of books is used for both of them.

Title: General, Building, and Residential Contract Administration & Project Management Computer Based Examination Reference List. This reference list is Valid from January 2023– December 2023.

Beginning July 1, 2024, the 2023 FBC’s will be used for the trade exams.

  • A201 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction, 2017

  • A401 Standard Form of Agreement between Contractor-Subcontractor, 2017

  • A701 Instructions to Bidders, 2018

  • Code of Federal Regulations, (OSHA) 29 Part 1926

  • Florida Contractors Manual 2021

  • Energy Efficient Building Construction in Florida, 2020

  • Building Component Safety Information: BCSI-ED2-D “Guide to Good Practices for Handling, Installing and Bracing of Metal Connected Wood Trusses”, 2020

  • Florida Building Code - Building, 2020

  • Florida Building Code - Accessibility, 2020

  • Florida Building Code - Residential, 2020

  • Florida Building Code - Existing Building, 2020

  • Florida Building Code - Energy Conservation, 2020

  • Builder's Guide to Accounting, 2001

  • Principles & Practices of Commerical Construction, 10th Edition - 2019

  • 2023 Florida Statutes Chapter 455

The following books are used for studying but are not allowed within the testing center for the trade exams (Contract Administration and Project Management):

Below are some common questions students have about our Florida Building Contractor exam prep and licensing program. Feel free to contact our team of Trade Specialists directly with any questions.

Am I required to take a class to get my contractor’s license?

While there are no required classes to qualify you to become a Florida Certified Contractor, we do encourage you to take one of our online courses to help you prepare to take your exams.

Do I actually need a contractor’s license?

If you are performing contractor related services for compensation, you would likely need to be licensed in the specialty that you are working in. Check with both the local and State government agencies to determine if your scope of work requires a license.

Do I need to purchase the state reference books?

Yes. The state exam is open book and to pass it you will need to have all of the business and finance and trade books specific to your license. We also recommend purchasing the Highlighted and Tabbed books if you can, giving you an advantage when it comes to knowing where to look during your timed exams. We teach you how to navigate these books quickly so that you will successfully pass the exams and get your license.