How do I become a Contractor in the State of Florida?



1. You must be at least 18 years old.

2. You must pass up to 3 Florida State Construction open book Examinations with a minimum score of 70%.

               Business & Finance - 125 Questions (6 hours 45 mins)

               Trade Knowledge - 85 Questions (5 hours 15 mins )


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3. Submit one of the below applications and prove your experience based upon formal education, military experience, hands on experience. 

(Contractor application and assistance here)

4. You must show proof of a minimum FICO credit score of 660. However, if your FICO credit score is lower than 660, you will need to purchase a $20,000 financial responsibility surety bond or take an approved 14 hour Financial Responsibility Course and you can reduce the bond to $10,000.

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5. You must provide proof of general liability and workers’ compensation insurance or a workers compensation exemption.

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6. You must provide an electronic fingerprint through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.


Question: How often are the exams offered  and how can I schedule to take an exam? 


7 days per week at any pearson vue location. 

Go to pearsonvue.com to locate the testing centers near you. 

click here to find a test center


The Department of Business and Professional Regulation has contracted with Professional Testing, Inc., to register candidates, develop, and score professional examinations for the Construction Industry Licensing Board. Individuals desiring to sit for construction trade knowledge, contract administration, project management, or business & finance examination parts are required to apply directly with Professional Testing, Inc.

For questions: 407.264.0562
To apply online: http://www.floridaexam.com

Completed applications and appropriate fees must be received by Professional Testing, Inc., no later than 30 days prior to the examination date.

All other construction examinations, including the business & finance examination part, are administered in computer-based testing format. After a candidate has been approved by Professional Testing, Inc., they may schedule to sit for their examination(s) by contacting the department’s examination vendor, Pearson VUE.

To locate a testing site near you or to register to sit for an examination, use the links below.

Construction – Business and Finance Construction –  Trade Knowledge Exams

To schedule by phone: 888.204.6230

Candidates taking a computer-based examination through Pearson VUE will be required to submit a valid email address, telephone number, and payment at the time the examination is scheduled. Candidates will be eligible to schedule an examination within 72 hours after the candidate’s examination application has been approved by Professional Testing, Inc.

 Link to Pearson Vue Policies 


Question:  Where can I take the exams and how often are they offered?

 At any Pearson Vue location www.PearsonVue.com 7 days per week. 


Question: How do I sign up to take the exams? 

Go to www.FloridaExam.com and follow the instructions. Once you have registered, you will receive an email in 7-10 days to contact pearson vue to schedule your exam(s)



Can I become a Contractor in the State of Florida if I have a criminal record?



-This is a tricky question however as of October of 2019, the Construction Industry Licensing Board has stated the following as criminal offenses used to deny a license to practice contracting:

    -Lewd/lascivious act(s) against a child.

    -Possession of dangerous drugs.

    -Possession of firearm(s) by a felon.


-Additionally, as of August of 2020, the Construction Industry Licensing Board has stated that the crimes that will not deter you from becoming a licensed Contractor in the State of Florida are:

    -Certain animal control issues.

    -Simple Assault

    -Simple Battery

    -Boat registration offenses

    -Single occurrence of burglary

    -Careless driving

    -Openly carrying a weapon

    -Marijuana cultivation

    -Damage to property

    -Discorderly conduct


    -Distribution of alcohol or cigarettes to a minor 

    -Minor car accident offenses

    -Open container/public intoxication

    -Petit theft/shoplifting

    -Possession of fake identification

    -Possession of marijuana/drugs/paraphernalia


    -Reckless driving

    -Resisting an officer without violence

    -Traffic offenses


    -Underage drinking


Where can I find what content will be on my exam(s) ?  



Here is a link to show you what is on the Business & Finance Exam

Here is a link to show you what is on the Trade Knowledge Exam



How do I know what books and materials to bring with me to my examination(s)?



Here is a link to the DBPR and will list the required books and when they will change. 


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Are there any financial or eligibility exemptions to becoming a Contractor in the State of Florida if I am a Veteran?



The short answer is yes. As a Veteran owned business (Rob Estell is a Combat Veteran from Desert Storm), The Exam Pros are happy to speak with you regarding this question. Contact The Exam Pros or visit Florida’s Department of Business & Professional Regulation website. 


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-Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation



Pearson vue Policies