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Interested In Becoming a NICET Fire Alarm Systems Certification Level I Contractor?

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Level I FAS Technicians are trainees and entry-level technicians who perform limited job tasks under supervision. They are learning, much like apprentices. They learn about FAS components, installation methods, basic tools, worksite safety, testing and inspection. They have at least 6 months of experience in FAS.

License Requirements

  • All Level I Performance Measures

    • 0303-1101: awareness of job site safety procedures
    • 0303-1102: an ability to reliably identify common fire alarm systems equipment and related materials.
    • 0303-1103: an ability to perform at least one of the following: select and use tools for a given task and use them safely or use software or drafting tools for a given task.
    • 0303-1104: proper installation techniques for fire alarm components and infrastructure proper application of fire alarm components and infrastructure
    • 0303-1105: read and understand drawings and specifications
  • WORK HISTORY - A minimum of 6 months of experience with fire detection and signaling systems.

    The Fire Alarm Systems certification program was designed for engineering technicians working in the fire alarm industry who engage in a combination of the following fire alarm systems activities: system layout (plan preparation), system equipment selection, system installation, system acceptance testing, system troubleshooting, system servicing, and system technical sales. Technical areas covered include applicable codes and standards, types of detectors and signaling systems, supervision requirements, power requirements, building/space structure and occupancy considerations, and basic electricity and electronics.

    The Fire Alarm Systems certification program consists of four levels – Levels I – IV. The Fire Alarm Systems Level I exam is available to be administered online with a remote proctor. Applicants are presented with the option to select online administration through OnVue during the scheduling step.

    Successful candidates must pass an exam or exams, complete a work history description that documents and meets specific industry related experience, successfully perform key role-specific activities, and obtain a personal recommendation (Levels III and IV). Once earned, certification must be maintained through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and recertified every three years.

    Click here to download the NICET Fire Alarm Systems Candidate Handbook

  • Passing the test is only one of the requirements for certification. You must also submit a detailed write-up of your work experience and a supervisor's verification of your on-the-job performance. All information should be submitted electronically through your candidate portal. NICET is no longer accepting paper applications. You may test for a higher level before satisfying the work experience requirement, but it is strongly discouraged.

    Scheduling an Exam

    1: For new applicants, click here to create a NICET account.

    2: Once you have created and/or logged in to your NICET account, the first step is to add an “application card” to your home screen. Click “Apply” in the navigation bar to see the cards for every certification NICET offers.

    3: Use the search bar to narrow down the selection or page through to find the certification(s) you are seeking. Click the green “Save to Home” button.

    4: The Application Card now resides on your home screen. To purchase the exam, click the exam name on the left side of the Application Card.

    5: you will be prompted to agree to an affidavit. If you disagree to the affidavit, then you will not be allowed to take any NICET exams. If you must return to the home screen, click “Home” on the left side navigation bar. Once the affidavit has been agreed to, you will be prompted to confirm your interest in taking the exam and your payment choice. After you have completed this step, NICET will authorize you to take the exam and will appear on your dashboard.

    6: Click “Schedule with Pearson Vue”. You will be asked how you want to take your exam. All exams for Levels II, III, and IV must be taken in person. For Level I exams ONLY, you may take the exam online or in person. In either case, please read and agree to all of the policies in full. If taking your exam in person, you will be allowed to compare scheduling options between three locations and select a date and time of your choice. Once you have selected your test centers, click “Next” at the bottom right of the screen.

    7: Select your location, preferred date, and preferred time, then click “Book this appointment”. From there, you will see a review screen. Check that all information is correct, then click “Next” at the bottom right of the screen. If taking the exam online, you will be prompted to confirm your time zone before clicking “Book this appointment”. Once you have reviewed the details for your exam and accepted, you will see a confirmation screen and receive an email confirming your exam. If you do not receive your confirmation email from Pearson Vue, then you will need to repeat the above process. Instructions for rescheduling your exam can be found here.

    NICET Fire Alarm Systems Certification Level I Contractor License Exam

    • Testing Method: Computer-based testing

    • Testing Company: Pearson Vue©

    • Scoring: A sliding scale between 0 and 700, with 500 as the lowest passing score. Scores below 200 are reported as 200; scores of 500 or above are reported as Pass

    • Subjects Involved:

      • Installation (44-54%)

        Mount and terminate peripherals

        Install cabling and associated infrastructure

        Comply with job safety requirements

      • Maintenance (40-50%)

        Perform periodic testing of systems and devices

        Repair/replace impaired/deficient devices

      • Submittal Preparation and Systems Layout (1-11%)

        Knowledge of technical documents

    We have all the books required for the NICET Fire Alarm Systems Certification Level I Contractor exam in stock and ready to ship. We beat all other schools with our prices, speak to one of our Trade Specialists today! Call 954-908-7010 or Fill out our EZ Form To Get Started

    List of Books for the NICET Fire Alarm Systems Certification Level I Exam. Candidates are permitted to bring only the following references into the test center:

    This reference list is Valid from March 2024.

    *The test questions are based on the standard editions listed above; therefore, candidates are strongly urged to bring these editions to the exam. Note: candidates may bring older or newer editions—instead of the editions listed above—at their own risk

    In addition to the references listed above, the following publications can provide some of the job knowledge required by a fire alarm systems technician. While these books may help you prepare for the exam, they are NOT permitted in the test center.

    Below are some common questions students have about our NICET Fire Alarm Systems Certification Level I Contractor exam prep and licensing program. Feel free to contact our team of Trade Specialists directly with any questions.

    Can I take a higher level exam?

    You may test for a higher level before satisfying the work experience requirement, but it is strongly discouraged.

    Can I reschedule an exam?

    Candidates may move their selected date within the eligibility window by rescheduling through their candidate portal. You may also contact Pearson VUE directly at least 24 hours prior to their exam time. Contact NICET to extend eligibility. Additional fees may apply. For more information, click here

    Does NICET accept paper applications?

    No. NICET no longer accepts paper applications.