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DIY - Final Preparation for a Pearson Vue Electrical CBT Cram

DIY - Final Preparation for a Pearson Vue Electrical CBT Cram

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DIY - Final Preparation for Pearson Vue Electrical CBT Exam 

Is an hour of your time worth the assurance that you will have an honest shot at passing the exam?

This Final Preparation for Florida Electrical Trade Computer Based Exams contains about an hour of reading and videos that I will guarantee to give you an increase of 10% on your exam.   

It is for the student that is not happy with their existing competitors course, and all they need is less than 10 points to pass. My new and updated techniques for the computer based testing (CBT) exams are a guaranteed way to get you over the hump. I will not sugar coat the facts.   

This product is a great addition to any order of practice exams, and is included in every $99.99 and $299.99 course


What You Will Get for $49.99 

1. Time Management Video  12:30 min video

The #1 reason people fail the exam is they do not maximize their time. 

2. Key Words Video  8 min video

Learn what key words will refer you to a specific book.

3. Tricks & Shortcuts Video  18 min video

How they will trick you on the exam and how to use shortcuts to save time

4. Practice Exam Video  5 min video

How to maximize the existing exams you have with different lessons.

5. Testing Simulator Video by Pearson Vue 

You will see actual videos of a simulator of how the computer program is laid out and you can become more familiar with before you take the exam.  

6. Bonus Video

The Bonus Video will show you how to maximize your existing exam prep that you bought from a competitor and open your eyes to a whole different approach that they did not tell you about. 

7. You will receive a discount code inside the course for $49.99 if you want to upgrade to a  $99.99 Cram or a Full $299.99 Home Study Course   


DID YOU KNOW? Every time you fail the exam, you must pay the State of Florida $135 + $80 to Pearson Vue per exam.

Statistics for 2019: 

  • 1,386 Test Takers
  • 731 Passed (52.7%)
  • 655 Failed (47.3%)

Statistics for 2018:

  • 5811 Test Takers
  • 3,108 Passed (53.5%)
  • 2,703 Failed (46.5%)



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