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Florida State General Contractor Exam Books - Exam Ready (Highlighted & Tabbed)

Florida State General Contractor Exam Books - Exam Ready (Highlighted & Tabbed)

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Florida General Contractor Contractor Exam Book Set

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(2020 Exam Ready - Highlighted and Tabbed)

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Our Florida General Contractor Exam Ready Books come affixed with permanent quick reference tabs printed with chapter titles and/or other key sections to help you quickly and easily navigate through the book during your exam. Important areas will be highlighted so you will know what subjects are relevant while saving time preparing for your exam.

You will receive the following 19 books required for your exam pre-tabbed/highlighted and exam ready for you:

    1. A201 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction - 2017 
    2. A401 Standard Form of Agreement between Contractor & Subcontractor - 2017 
    3. A701 Instructions to Bidders - 2018
    4. Builder's Guide to Accounting
    5. Florida Statues Chapter 455, 2018
    6. Florida Contractors Manual, 2017 
    7. Code of Federal Regulations, (OSHA) 29 Part 1926, (OSHA1926) July 2018
    8. Energy Efficient Building Construction in Florida, 9th Ed., 2017
    9. Building Component Safety Information: 2018
    10. Florida Building Code - Building, 2017
    11. Florida Building Code - Residential, 2017
    12. Florida Building Code – Existing Building, 2017
    13. Florida Building Code – Energy Conservation, 2017
    14. Florida Building Code - Accessibility, 2017

A Florida General Contractor’s License allows a contractor to build, repair, or remodel any type of building, regardless of use or number of stories. General Contractors in Florida can directly engage in the construction of every component of the building structure (i.e. Concrete, Structural Steel, Framing, Painting, Tile, etc.) except the major specialty trades like Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical, and Roofing. A General Contractor must subcontract this type of work to licensed contractors in those trades. A General Contractor can remodel or build any structure in Florida, whether it is used for residential or commercial purposes. When a General Contractor submits a permit application for the construction of a new building, he/she must include the license information of the Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical (A/C), and other specialty contractors who will be involved in the project as Sub-Contractors. These specialty contractors are typically paid by and report to the General Contractor (Prime Contractor).

Although the construction of residential properties in Florida only requires the use of a Residential Contractor’s License, home builders in Florida often obtain the General Contractor’s license to keep their options open if any commercial construction opportunities arise.   

DID YOU KNOW? Every time you fail the exam, you must pay the State of Florida $135 + $80 to Pearson Vue per exam.

Statistics for General Contractor Exam 2021: 

> Contract Administration: 59% Passed / 41% Failed

> Project Management: 50% Passed / 50% Failed

> Business & Finance: 46% Passed / 54% Failed


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