The #1 reason why people fail their exam....

The number one reason why people fail the exam is that they have the wrong editions of the books.

Put yourself in the position of the testing company. They have a contract with the State of Florida to maintain a 50% pass rate on these exams. The easiest way for them to have someone fail is by changing the books, thus changing the answers.

Most people have books that are previous editions. Let's just say that you have the 2017 edition of the Florida building code, and the exam is being tested on the 2020 Florida building code.

The candidate looks into the book and finds the answer however they're using the previous edition of the book. Let's just say the previous edition of the book says the answer to the question is 12 inches on center. The new book has the updated codes inside and the new code the answer to the question is 10 inches on center. What do you think the correct answer will be?



This link will take you to the states website and see the exact editions that are being used on the exam.



Then you follow this link to look at our new books and search and find the correct edition of the book. You can order online or you can call and speak to someone on our sales team.







Rob Estell

President / Head Instructor