General Contractor additional licenses

 ✔ Congratulations on becoming a licensed general contractor!

If you are a general contractor your next move would be to get a roofing, plumbing, commercial , AC/mechanical,  or a solar license.

Once you are a general contractor you run into some difficulties when dealing with subcontractors.


As a general contractor you automatically qualify for all other contractor licenses. Most of us know that you will not be doing all of the work on your new construction or renovations, however, you want to be able to have control over your subcontractors.


This can be done by obtaining an additional license for roofing , Air conditioning, plumbing contractor, or pool contractor. This allows you to pull all the permits and control subcontractor is a job is not completed on schedule or pricing and availability of labor is. If you pull the permits you have control of all of the projects. You control the permitting process, you control the pricing, you control who does the work on these jobs.


Some very successful contractors have hired in many trades and use them for HVAC plumbing, and  carpentry, to assist in finalizing the project.  This allows you to have one person on a job site they can do many functions and getting you paid faster.


Here are some of the links to the books and optional courses to obtain these licenses:


Roofing Contractor Book Options

Plumbing Contractor Book Options

Air B Contractor Book Options

Air A Contractor Book Options

Mechanical Contractor Book Options
Solar Contractor Book Options

Commercial Pool Contractor Book Options
Residential Pool Contractor Book Options
Online Home Study Courses

Roofing Trade Online Home Study Course


Plumbing Trade Online Home Study Course

Air B Trade Online Home Study Course

Air A Trade Online Home Study Course
Mechanical Trade Online Home Study Course
Solar Trade Online Home Study Course

Commercial Pool Trade Online Home Study Course

Residential Pool Trade Online Home Study Course

Here is information from the DBPR and Construction Industry Licensing Board explaining which license can qualify another.


If you are a general contractor you have overseen all aspects of a new construction project. Every new construction project has plumbing air conditioning roofing and other specialty trades. All of those are pulling sub permits on your main project and you oversee all of their work.. The DBPR views you as being qualified to be licensed in all of these trades.


If you would like us to do everything for your application with DBPR, here is a list of all the application services that we can do when you start to finish. If you would like us to show you how to do it yourself here is a link of the do it yourself (DIY) application processing:

✔ Roofing Contractor Application Assistance

DIY Roofing Contractor Application

Plumbing Contractor Application Assistance