About Quadpay

What is Quadpay?

Quadpay is one of our financing option that we offer here at The Exam Pros. This app will split your cost into 4 payments over 6 weeks WITHOUT INTEREST. Fast approval, hassle free, and no hidden fees; Quadpay will just bring you the joy having your products now and you can pay over time.
If your order is for $1,000, you will pay
$250 with your transaction,
$250 2 weeks from transaction
$250 2 weeks from transaction
$250 2 weeks from transaction

How does it work?

You just need to download the app, verify your information, the books will be right your the door and you just need to take time to pay for it. You will have 6 weeks to pay all the quarters of the debt in your own pace. After you're done with us, you can still continue to keep the app to pay for hundreds of brands and shops.
Visit https://www.quadpay.com/ for more information!