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Florida 2B Commercial Building Inspector Online Home Study Course

Florida 2B Commercial Building Inspector Online Home Study Course

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Florida 2B Commercial Building Inspector Online Home Study Course

Our Florida 2B Commercial Building Inspector Exam Prep Course provides the most effective training available to prepare you for your Certification Exam.   

The Florida 2B Commercial Building Inspector Online Home Study Course includes:  
  • Test Taking Techniques
  • Tab and Highlighting Locations for your Books so you can locate answers quickly during the exam
  • Practice Questions
  • 1-year access to online course (discounts on extensions)
  • Access to an instructor via Phone call, Text message, Zoom, or email.

Over the years, We have created the proven process of passing any open book inspector exam. With the Blended Format, we mix online basic instruction with face-to-face instruction to obtain the perfect mix for EVERY type of student who is attempting to obtain a their 2B Commercial Building Inspector Certification. The ability to be able to get an instructor on the phone when you need them is the huge advantage to ensure that you give yourself the best chance of passing the exam the first time. 

Android and iOS Compatible - Complete the course on your phone, anytime or anywhere.   

The 2B Commercial Building Inspector Certification Exam consists of 80 multiple-choice questions. It is an open book exam with a 3.5-hour time limit.

The questions are based on the following books:

  1. 2015 International Building Code
  2. Building Code Requirements for Structural Concrete and Commentary (2008, 2001, or 2014 Edition OR ICC Concrete Manual (2009, 2012, or 2015 Edition)

The Exam will be on the following subjects: 

Subject % of Questions
General Administration   6%
Building Planning  20%
Footings and Foundations  8%
Floor Construction  8%
Wall Construction and Coverings  21%
Roof/Ceiling Construction   6%
Public Safety and Special Construction  17%
Total  100%