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Glass and Glazing Trade Exam Books - Exam Ready (Highlighted & Tabbed)

Glass and Glazing Trade Exam Books - Exam Ready (Highlighted & Tabbed)

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Florida Glass and Glazing Contractor Exam Book Set

(2020 Exam Ready - Highlighted and Tabbed)

***We will buy the books back from you for $400.00.


Our Florida Glass and Glazing Contractor Exam Ready Books come affixed with permanent quick reference tabs printed with chapter titles and/or other key sections to help you quickly and easily navigate through the book during your exam. Important areas will be highlighted so you will know what subjects are relevant while saving time preparing for your exam.

You will receive the following 6 books required for your exam pre-tabbed/highlighted and exam ready for you:

  1. Code of Federal Regulations, (OSHA) 29 Part 1926 July 2018
  2. Energy Efficient Building Construction in Florida, 2020
  3. Florida Building Code - Building, 2020
  4. Florida Building Code - Accessibility, 2020
  5. GANA Glazing Manual, 2008
  6. ASTM E1300-16a Standard Practice for Determining Load Resistance of Glass in Buildings

This book package is for the Florida Glass and Glazing Exam. If you need to take the Business and Finance Exam, you can buy our Exam Ready Business and Finance Books HERE.

Florida Glass and Glazing Contractor is a specialty contractor whose scope of work is limited to the installation and attachment of all types of windows and glass, whether fixed or movable; the installation of swinging or sliding glass doors to existing walls, floors, columns or other structural members of the building; the installation of glass holding or supporting mullions or horizontal bars; the installation of structurally anchored impact-resistant opening protection attached to existing building walls, floors, columns or other structural members of the building; and the cutting and installation of glass and mirrors.

glass and glazing specialty contractor may also install prefabricated glass, metal or plastic curtain walls, storefront frames or panels, caulking incidental to such work and assembly, and installation of shower tub enclosures and metal fascias. Nothing in this rule shall be deemed to restrict or limit in any manner the scope of work authorized by law of other contractor classifications.

    DID YOU KNOW? Every time you fail the exam, you must pay the State of Florida $135 + $80 to Pearson Vue per exam.

    Statistics for Glass and Glazing Exam 2019: 

    • 45% Passed 
    • 55% Failed 


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      +++ Disclaimer The Exam pros does not warrant or guarantee any of the highlighted and tabbed content to be no your exam. This information has be known to be on previous exams and and is the main content for the exam. The State Exam changes every 21 days and we can not predict the future. Anyone claiming to have any answers to the exams not a true statement +++