A Master Low Voltage Contractor is qualified and certified to install, fabricate, erect, repair, alter, add to or change any electrical wiring, fixtures, appliances, thermostats, apparatus, raceways and conduit, or any part thereof, not to exceed ninety-eight (98) volts, which generates, transmits, transforms or utilizes electrical energy, when those items are for the purpose of transmitting any form of light, heat or communications, including but not limited to telephone, radio, computer and data. A low voltage specialty electrical contractor may connect to an existing separate circuit of approved capacity, which is terminated in an approved outlet, junction box or fused disconnect within six (6) feet of the equipment to be energized. The scope of the work of such a contractor shall not include the work of burglar alarm and fire alarm specialty electrical contractors. Number of Questions 75 Time allowed (hours) 3 Subject Area # Quest. General Electrical Knowledge 26 Wiring & Protection 4 Wiring Methods & Materials 16 Equipment for General Use 6 Special Occupancies 7 Special Equipment 4 Special Conditions 7 Communication Systems 5 References ▪ American Electrician's Handbook, 16th Edition. ISBN: 978- 0071798808. McGraw Hill Glencoe Order Services, P.O. Box 545, Blacklick, OH 43004. Available at ▪ NFPA 70 - National Electrical Code, 2014. ISBN: 9781455906727. National Fire Protection Association, 1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02169-7471. Available at ▪ Understanding and Servicing Alarm Systems, 3rd Ed., 1999. ISBN: 978-0750672061. Butterworth-Heinemann, 225 Wildwood Ave., Woburn, MA 01801. Available at