Upgrade to a GC license


If you are Licensed Building or Residential Contractor, you can upgrade to a General Contractor license by two methods. 


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Method 1 ”Upgrade Method

A certified residential or building contractor holding an active current license for a minimum of 4 years in the classification in which he or she is certified. If you meet this eligibility requirement you are exempted from the Employment History section of this application. You must provide your license number for verification. See Section 2(f)(vi) of Instructions for more information.

If checked, License # : ____________ Building  _____________ Residential

Person must still pass the General Contractor Contract Administration and Project Management 


Method 2 ”College Degree in Building Construction”

489.113 Qualifications for practice; restrictions.— 
(1) Any person who desires to engage in contracting on a statewide basis shall, as a prerequisite thereto, establish his or her competency and qualifications to be certified pursuant to this part. To establish competency, a person shall pass the  appropriate examination approved by the board and certified by the department. If an applicant has received a baccalaureate degree in building construction from an accredited 4-year college, or a related degree as approved by the board by rule, and has a grade point average of 3.0 or higher, such applicant is only required to take and pass the business and finance portion of the examination. Any person who desires to engage in contracting on other than a statewide basis shall, as a  prerequisite thereto, be registered pursuant to this part, unless exempted by this part.

Person will still have to prove experience as per section III Part A 



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